Biodiversity contributes to the following needs and opportunities :

-Sustainable food and water resources.

Our ecosystem is an interdependent system that supplies us with food and water.

As an example, an estimated one out of every three bites of food comes to us through the work of animal pollinators, like bees.

Between now and 2050, we may need to produce double the amount of food on earth to feed everyone.

-Health and opportunities for medicine, innovation and biomimicry (which means learning from nature).

Our health is intimately linked to that of the ecosystem we live in. Nature and biodiversity are a source of drug discovery and new types of medical treatments and developments (in both human and veterinary medicine).

For example: Did you know that elephants almost never develop cancer and polar bears don’t develop type II diabetes when piling up fat for hibernation?

-The potential to repopulate earth in a balanced way in case of severe climate or nuclear disaster or war.

-Economic wins and economic stability in countries where eco-tourism is an important part of the GDP.

-Preservation of our genetic history and millions of years of evolution (our biological heritage which contains keys to the origin of life).

I-ARKS creates opportunities in medicine, space and food. It is a platform that boosts innovation and inventions and creates an interesting economic return. It is a safety net for survival of biodiversity and humanity and an intermediate step in safe development of multi-generational multi-planetary life. In the ways we plan to implement the organisation we advance animal and human rights.