01. Is I-ARKS a for-profit or non-profit?

Like some other global innovators platforms, I-ARKS was founded as a foundation – It was founded in 2016 in the Netherlands. The foundation allowed to innovate on a small scale, present part of the objectives in the largest global space conference (IAF) in 2017, prepare the business model, build up support from enthusiasts and a network in different sectors, etc.

I-ARKS is still a recent ambitious initiative.

I-ARKS needs to move to the best possible ecosystem to be financed and supported to realize it’s objectives of survival of species & humanity including in the very far future.

The funding / business model ‘ll need to be adapted for the same reasons.


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02. Could the business model evolve?

Based on the need to achieve our objectives the business model evolves.

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03. Why is I-ARKS created?

It is reported by conservationists and several scientists that over the last 40 years nearly half of all species on earth have disappeared.

The possibilities to innovate in healthcare are dazzling and much needed, especially if as a civilisation we want to establish a safe, healthy and happy multi-generational multi-planetary society.

The online community at I-arks only represents a small part of who are the I-ARKS supporters and community.

For all of the above, we founded the first ever women lead innovator platform in space, medicine and nature’s health. It is key for women to take the lead.

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