01. Is I-ARKS a for-profit or non-profit?

Like some other global innovators platforms, at this moment as a legal structure we founded a foundation in the Netherlands.

Our uniquely developed business model thrives on innovation, value creation and optimising economoc wins.

We are still a very young organisation that looks into how to best innovate, reach our objectives and create value for society.

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02. Could the business model evolve?

Based on the need to achieve our objectives the business model evolves.

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03. Why is I-ARKS created?

It is reported by conservationists and several scientists that over the last 40 years nearly half of all species on earth have disappeared.

The possibilities to innovate in healthcare are dazzling and much needed, especially if as a civilisation we want to establish a safe, healthy and happy multi-generational multi-planetary society.

The online community at I-arks only represents a small part of who we are as as a new organisation we are looking into establisblshing our path.

We are innovators.

For all of the above, we founded the first ever women lead innovator platform in space, medicine and nature’s health. It is key for women to take the lead.

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