We ensure long term survival of life and ecosystems


We ‘re the 1st worldwide women lead innovator platform in space, medicine & nature’s health

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Frank De Winne Head of the European Astronaut Centre Department, European Space Agency

“Genetic heritage and nature’s health are important aspects of our ecosystem and therefore of our everyday life. Humanity should preserve the genetic heritage on this planet for the well-being of this and all future generations. I-ARKS and its network of experts are in that essential.”

Jean Jacques

Jean-Jacques Cassiman, PhD Emeritus Professor human genetics, Catholic University of Leuven

“Genetic heritage is of fundamental importance for the survival of all living species, be it plants and animals or humans. I-ARKS and its network of experts can make an important contribution to maintaining the genetic heritage and advancing nature’s health by documenting and archiving biological materials of all animal species living on earth today.”