I-ARKS ensures long term survival of life & ecosystems

  • I-ARKS’ veterinarians need to lead on making a safe and high quality exportable back-up of animal life on earth and innovate to create new opportunities for nature’s health, medicine, food & space. 
  • For this, we need to :
    • consolidate an international female (business) board
    • collaborate internationally with universities with innovative veterinarians in reproductive biology and technology
    • work in countries where infrastructure and laws allow us to achieve our objectives
    • store heritage locally;  a copy of living cells is exported for research, advancing medicine and as a safety net in case of war or disaster
    • be economically profatible / deliver an economic return
  • We have the ambitious plan to be active in 40 places on earth in 5-6 years when fully funded 
  • We improve animal and human (including LGBT) rights as we go. 

2016-2018 have been years of preparation.

Since, the innovator platform itself has started on a very small scale.

The I-ARKS needs to move to an ecosystem where it is fully supported to achieve its objectives.